Rachel T. Kimbro

Rachel T. Kimbro, Professor, Ph.D.
CV:  Kimbro_CV
Areas of Interest:
Medical Sociology, Family, and Poverty
Rachel Tolbert Kimbro (Ph.D., 2005, Princeton University) is Professor of Sociology at Rice University and the Founding Director of the Kinder Institute’s Urban Health Program. Dr. Kimbro earned her M.A. in Sociology at Princeton and her B.A. in Sociology and Policy Studies at Rice. Following her doctoral work at Princeton, Dr. Kimbro was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she received interdisciplinary training in population health. Dr. Kimbro’s research focuses on racial and ethnic health disparities and family influences on health behaviors and outcomes. Current work examines family and neighborhood influences on child obesity, food insecurity, and physical activity in low-income and immigrant families. She is a Founding Faculty Member at Texas Children’s Hospital’s Center for Child Health Policy and Advocacy, a Baker Institute Scholar, and adjunct faculty at Baylor College of Medicine.
Recent Publications:

Mercedes Bravo, Rebecca Anthopolos, Marie Lynn Miranda, and Rachel Tolbert Kimbro. “Residential Racial Isolation and Spatial Patterning of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Durham, North Carolina.” Forthcoming, American Journal of Epidemiology.

Justin T. Denney, Rachel Tolbert Kimbro, and Gregory Sharp. “Neighborhoods and Food Insecurity in Households with Young Children: A Disadvantage Paradox?” Forthcoming, Social Problems.

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Ashley Kranjac, Rachel Tolbert Kimbro, Justin T. Denney, Brady Moffett, and Keila
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